Plush Teaser Pet Training Wand Stick Plastic Floss Toy

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  • Toys Type:Feather Toys
  • Material:plastic + Plush
  • Color:rainbow color, leopard print
  • Material:plastic + Plush
  • Funny cat pole:50cm/19.69in
  • Funny cat toy:24cm/9.44in
  • Line length:40cm/15.74in
  • Package included:Pets Stick Toys
  • 2 pieces Fun Pets Stick Toys  Interactive Stick Toy Wire Chaser Wand Toy 

    Classic cat toys, cats are fond of this toy, because cats love the taste of natural feathers. 
    This toy can train cat's natural instincts, keep your cat act nimble. 
    The colorful feather will attract the attention of cats, kittens favorite. 
    Improve affection between you and your pet. 

    Color: rainbow color, leopard print
    Material: plastic + Plush
    Funny cat pole: 50cm/19.69in
    Funny cat toy: 24cm/9.44in
    Line length: 40cm/15.74in
    Quantity: 2 (Rainbow and leopard each)