Naked Eye Shadow - 12 Colors - Matte / Shimmer / Mix / Pink

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Our Naked Eye Shadow Palette features 12 of our most popular Pressed matte/ shimmer/mix/pink shades on our website. A perfect addition to anyone's make up collection, they also make the most perfect gift. 

 Our pressed eye shadow is a dream to work with, glides on effortlessly and also creates a beautiful multi tonal affect.  High quality pigments, No need for glue, no mess & long lasting. 

How to use: You can apply a small amount for a subtle sheen, or build up the product for that extra special sparkle that will really stand out. Best used by simply patting the product down, in a sweeping motion, adding little by little, until you get the desired affect. You can use your finger or a make up brush, i personally find it easier with my finger, but its personal preference.