Multi Muscle Roller COMBO BUNDLE

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Includes two of our bestselling fitness tools: the Foam Roller and the Muscle Roller Massage Stick. This power set is designed to prepare, treat and relax your muscles so you can stay at the top of your game before, during and after your workout.

Use the Foam Roller to prime your muscles for a killer workout session. The wide surface area and pressure grid promotes healthy circulation and relaxation of your muscles. Then use the Muscle Roller Stick to target key areas and instantly relieve pain and soreness, increase mobility, and help prevent injury while working out. These products were created together in the R&D lab to ensure that they work in perfect harmony to give you maximum results consistently. The high density foam roller gives the ultimate deep tissue massage while the massage roller stick targets those hard to reach areas and pressure points that the foam roller can’t.

Ideal for athletes, gym rats, and noobs alike. Perfect for use at home, in the gym, or at the studio. Get in on the gainz with this beastly combo that will make you unstoppable.