Massage Cans Anti cellulite

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Material: Silicone
  • 2 pc Sillicone Cup+ 1 pc cloth bag
  • Approx Size S : 8 0 x 37  mm(L x W)*1 pcs
  • Approx Size XS : 50  x 15  mm(L x W)*1 pcs
  • Color: transparent, purple, pink, blue, green(May be Little Different Due to Different Monitor,Thanks for Your Understanding)
  • Environmental protection materials, no adverse skin irritation; safe and reliable, do not worry about scalding scratched.
  • Easy to operate, anytime, anywhere can cupping; suction strong, portable, not easy to fall.
  • Tough and durable, easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Beautiful appearance, can be used as gifts to share.
Function and scope of application:
  • Cupping with Shujing Tongluo, Huoxue pain, swelling Sanjie, Qufeng addition to paralysis, dehumidification fever, detoxification pus, tonic diarrhea and other effects.
  • Modern medicine research, cupping therapy can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve immunity, regulate the organization, relieve the body pain, heart rate, blood circulation, blood pressure, breathing, nerve, endocrine system also has a two-way benign regulatory role.
  • Widely used in family personal care, physical therapy, beauty, etc., can also be used as clinical prevention, diagnosis, treatment of auxiliary tools