Grooming Tool Hair Brush Comb for Cats and Dogs

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  • Enclosed cat mint can attract the cat to scratch, when you are not at home, it can also enjoy the taste of massage
  • The cat with stimulants, the effect is unexpected
  • Self grooming and rubbing itch is the cat's biggest hobby, this product is designed according to the habits of the cat's new toys.
  • In the original gift of catnip seed, you can put the seeds in the storage box, in order to increase the interest of playing cat liner
  • The corner is located in the corner of a cat can get inside the corner or furniture, catnip will attract the cat to rub the itch to play.
  • Your cat and dog to enjoy the effects of massage comb at the same time, not only can take the cat dander, also repellent cats and indoor shade parasites
  • Type: Cat / Dog Groomer
  • Material: Plastic