Craftsman Rolling Tool Cabinet Storage Drawer Chest Garage Toolbox Organizer

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Product Description:

5-drawer tool storage center with the riser is the best way to keep all your tools safely and neatly organized. No more hunting around for a tool you need-with this rolling storage center, you can find what you want right away. The top and bottom chest each provide you with a variety of drawer sizes to stash your tools and parts. There is a bulk storage drawer at the bottom that holds larger items.

5-drawer tool storage center is made of heavy-duty steel and provides up to 12,097 cu. ft. of storage. The top has a hinged lid so it can stay open. Caster wheels let you easily roll and maneuver this storage center to where you need it. An external keyed locking system keeps your tools securely inside when you are not using them.

Product Feature:
- Craftsman 5-drawer tool storage center with riser helps keep all your tools neatly organized
- The hinged top keeps the lid open so you can quickly grab what you need
- Large bulk bottom drawer for larger items
- Steel drawer sliders for easy open and close
- External keyed locking system for security
- Baked black enamel finish
- Recessed plastic side handles
- 2 drawers measure: 18 1/8'W x 10 3/4'D x 2'H
- 1 drawer measures: 18 1/8'W x 10 3/4'D x 4'H
- 2 drawers measure: 22 1/8'W x 12 3/4'D x 4'H
- Each drawer holds up to 25 lbs.
- 3" x 1" caster wheels two rigid, one swivel, one swivel with brake
- Dimensions are 26 1/2'W x 14'D x 54'H
- Weighs 68.8 lbs