Contemporary Rotating Coffee Table - Black Oak

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1. it has two extendable levels as a stationery base

2. it has more spaces and can be fold back when not in use 

3. it’s a modern design for living rooms



  • Condition: brand new
  • Color: black oak
  • Shape: square 
  • Type: coffee table
  • Special features: modern style rotatable coffee table made with MDF quality material 


Size and weight:

  • Package size: 850*680*430mm/33.4*26.7*16.9 inch
  • Product size: 700*530*290mm/27.5*20.8*11.4 inch
  • Length: 27.6”
  • Width: 20.9”
  • Height: 11.4”


Net weight24KG/52.9LBS


Package content:

1x Black oak square coffee table

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