Black Square Coffee End Side Table with Storage Cube Shelves

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This three-tier, s-shaped modern accent table has spacious landings that offer plenty of room for storage and display while still looking like a designer furniture piece. Two support poles add further strength and visual detail to an already stunning look, ensuring that your belongings stay safe and securely upright. In addition, the engineered wood body and supports create a beautiful and very lightweight table that can be easily relocated and moved. Moreover, this table has a beautiful bold finish giving it a contemporary look that is water resistant and easy to wipe clean.

1. Modern accent table with three landings for storage and display
2. Beautiful bold white finish for a contemporary look
3. Support poles add strength and visual detail
4. Lightweight and space-saving design
5. Perfect for living rooms, entryways, bedrooms and more

1. Dimensions: (19.69 x 19.69 x 19.69)" / (50 x 50 x 50)cm(L x W x H)
2. Color: Black
3. Material: Wood 
4. Weight: 36.42lbs / 16.52kg
5. Shape: S Shape

Package Includes:
1 x Side Table