90 Inch Traditional Full Size Billiard Pool Table Set w/ Accessories

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  • 90-inch, classically designed billiard or pool table with traditional claw-foot legs
  • 3/4-inch thick particle board playing field with tricot polyester felt for smooth ball rolls
  • Features premium K-818 cushions that help ensure consistent bounce and better playability
  • Built-in, leather drop pockets keep pool balls securely in the hole
  • Includes 1 billiard ball, 1 triangle, 1 table brush, 2 chalks, and 2, 57-inch 2-piece cues
  • 2-tone, scratch-resistant wooden finish keeps your elegant table looking nice for a long time
  • Color: Green
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 89 x 50 x 31 inches
  • Weight: 306 pounds


Whether you're a real-deal hustler or a novice player, 90-Inch Billiard Table is the pool table for all your playing needs.

This table sits at 90 inches and features a 3/4-inch thick particle board playing field. The table has premium K-818 cushions and traditional leather drop pockets to keep the ball securely in the hole on a made shot.

If you're wanting a classic billiard table, look no further. With a dark, 2-tone finish and traditional claw leg design, your billiard table will be sitting pretty in your home, basement, or game room. To keep it looking fancy, it features a high-quality, scratch-resistant rail coating. Its class green tricot polyester felt top adds to the aesthetic while maintaining a smooth ball roll.

The table comes with 2, 57-inch 2-piece cues, 1 billiard ball set, 1 triangle, 1 table brush, and 2 chalks so you can start playing right away.

Turn your space into the place to play pool with this Billiard Table.


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