5 Pieces Slimming Patch Fat Burning Belly Weight Loss


Item Type: Weight Loss Creams
Type: Slimming Patch
NET WT: 0.15 kg
Item: Fat burn slim patch
Packing : 5 pieces / box
Functions: Loss weight, burn fat, keep slim
Features: 100% natural herb
Usage: External use only
Shelf life: 3 years


With second-generation anti-counterfeiting security labels

  • Passed the Skin Irritation tests from FDA in the USA

  • Simply paste before going to sleep!

  • Persisting for 8 hours, Long effect!

  • Targets only fat/cellulite on and around the Belly. Care of the fat on the stomach

Main Ingredients:

Natural Ingredients, No preservatives - Sophoricoside / Catechin / Capsaicin / Caffeine / Salicornia herbaria.

Main effects of each ingredient:

1. Sophoricoside: Natural and patented substance with effects reducing weight and fat.

2. Catechin: Reduces cellulite and inhibits the accumulation of fat cells.

3. Capsaicin: Prevents obesity and removes cellulite by reducing body fats.

4. Caffeine: Destroys cellulite by softening fat cells of callage.

5. Salicornia herbaria: Skincare

How to use:

The patch directly attached to the belly skin. 3-8 hours per day. If you feel the heat, this is a normal burning fat. 4-weeks per course of treatment.

Continued 4 weeks of continuous use, You will have the perfect body!