3 or 6 Tier Stackable Vertical Plastic Planter Mini Garden Herb

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Great for indoor or outdoor use!
Excellent space saver for your deck, patio, porch, balcony, or veranda
Ideal for indoor herb or succulent garden!
Each plant pocket has its own drain tray to promote moisture retention while avoiding over-watering
Each tier measures 5" H X 15.35" W, 3 tiers stacked are 13.5" tall and 15.35" wide, and 6 tiers stacked are 26.5" tall and 15.35" wide
Each plant cell has volume capacity similar to a 1/3 gallon flower pot
3 tier holds up to 10 plants and 6 tier holds up to 19

Product Description:
Take your container gardening to the next level with this 3 or 6 tier Vertical Planter. This stackable flower pot assembles in minutes and can be used indoors or outdoors. It collapses just as easily for storage. Save space on your porch, balcony or kitchen by building your garden up! Great for growing herbs, succulents and other small plants. Start your fruits and vegetables in this planter before transplanting to your garden. The three tier stackable planter holds up to 10 plants and the six tier holds up to 19. These planters can be stacked as high as six tiers. Do not stack more than 6 tiers at a time.