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How to sell your new and pre-owned kids clothes, toys, books and accessories

Be part of the ever growing online business market with the assistance of TOYZOR!

Selling new kid’s products

If you are running a small kid’s clothing and accessories business or you want to sell your designed clothes and you are in fix where to sell your products, you need not worry anymore; you’re at the right place. We will help you sell your products easily and safely. You just need to upload a good quality photo of your product and set a price. Once your product is sold, you’ll get your cash. Isn’t it simple, yes it is!

Selling pre-owned kid’s clothes, toys, books and accessories

As moms, there is nothing we love more than shopping for our sweetest kids. From little outfits and apparels to simple suits, from funny and educational books to fairy tales story books, every piece makes us go ‘aww.’

Unfortunately, these chic, pretty and cute products become too small too fast. Or, kids grow up to use new books and the ‘old’ books become useless. But just because your little one has outgrown his/her cloth does not mean it has to go to waste. And you also don’t need to throw your kids precious books. By consigning, you are able to give his/her wardrobe a second life or buy some new books for your growing little one and earn back some of the cash you spent on it.

So, if your kid’s closet is looking a little messy, you might feel the need to get rid of the extra stuff. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to clean your kid’s closet, but also earn some extra money? Fortunately, Toyzor offers you the luxury to sell your pre-owned products.

It is the right time to turn those ideas into treasure! Yes it is the real time! Toyzor is committed in making the experience of selling the pre owned kid’s clothes, toys, books and accessories interesting, amusing, thrilling, inspiring and fun. Our prime aim is to develop an online platform where sellers can sell used kid’s products online in a hassle-free way and earn easy money. Undoubtedly, selling your pre-owned products has never been easy but with Toyzor.

How it works

First of all, you’ll have to make a list of products you want to sell here. To sell new or pre-owned kid’s clothes, toys, books and accessories online, you just have to register with Toyzor, set a price, upload products’ photos and just relax. We only charge 3% commission rates for our services which are very low as compared to our competitors; so, it's a great deal!

Benefits of selling with Toyzor

You can easily list your new or pre-owned kid’s product by using Toyzor “SELL” menu

We will also help you to set a price, shipping method etc

When the product is sold, you just have to pack it and deliver to the buyer

You can deliver the sold product to buyer’s address via any shipping method

Guaranteed payment to you after the product delivery

100% selling chances

So what you are waiting for? Join us! And,

Earn easy money with Toyzor!


1. How to become a seller on Toyzor?

 You just have to click ‘Sell’ link in the top right hand corner, add your basic details, and you’ll register yourself as seller on Toyzor.

2. Do you charge for the product listing?

No, it’s absolutely free. We don’t charge anything for product listing.

3. Is there a limit to product listing?

No, you can add as many products as you wish, there is no limit. Just make sure you have the right quantity in stock.

4. What is Toyzor commission once your product is sold?

Once your product is sold, 3% commission will be deducted from your sale price.

5. When and how would I get paid?

 You will get payment on 30th or 31st of every month to your Paypal account

6. How can I list my Product?

Step 1: Click "SELL" menu  Step 2: Register as a user and enter your details  Step 3: Login with the user Id and password that you used

Step 2: Click Shipping Configuration in the left menu, Enable both "Marketplace Shipping", and “Free Shipping" then click "Save"

Step 3: Enter your product’s name, select product type, description, select product tag, shipping method as “Marketplace Shipping” or “ Free Shipping”, select Collection, enter price ,quantity, upload the product image and click Save

Specify the shipping price in the product description as well; it will help the buyer if there is any shipping fee. If there is no shipping price, specify it as "Free Shipping"

Step 4: Your product will be listed online once it is approved by Toyzor within few minutes.

Step 5: You will receive an email from Toyzor once your product is approved for your listing.    

7. Do you buy all seasons?

Yes, we buy all seasons all year round. 

8.How about the shipping price and how do I setup the shipping price?

If you have difficulty, please email  or call us at 732-595-8697 with the shipping rates that you would like to configure with your seller email address.

 Follow these steps to setup shipping rate.

Click Shipping Configuration in the left menu; Enable both "Marketplace Shipping", and “Free Shipping" then click "Save"

 If you provide "Free shipping" 

Please mention in the product description area Shipping: "Free Shipping" to boost your sales.  

Click Shipping in the left side menu. 

Follow the steps mentioned below to setup the shipping rate if you are not providing Free Shipping.

Clicking on Range details, you can also edit the pre existing range.

You can decide the range on two bases:  Price of the Product or Weight of the Product. Set the Range as per your need.

For Instance – you can add price based shipping as below: 

Range 1 - From: $0.10 to $25.00

Range 2 - From: $25.00 to $500.00

Go back to shipping menu. You will see a view (eye image) under shipping methods. Click it and set the shipping charges state wise and you can also enable/disable the particular state for shipping.

Feel free to call if you need assistance to setup the shipping rate. We can set the shipping rates or assist you to setup the shipping rates.

9. How will I be notified if my product is sold?

Once your product is sold, you will receive an email with the buyer name and address to ship the product. Shipping will be done by seller (Yourself) to the buyer.

10. How to Fulfill the order once shipped?

   After shipping the product to the buyer, click orders, View the order, Click Fulfill, Enter Tracking Number and Shipping method (USPS, UPS, Fedex, etc.)

 11. How can I edit the product once it is listed? 

Goto Products, Click a edit button and edit the product

12. Can I delete the product that I listed?  

Yes, you can delete the listed product.

13. How should I reach Toyzor if I need any assistance? 

 You can contact Toyzor through phone and email.

732-595-8697 / 732-595-TOYS    Monday - Sunday 7:00 am to 10:00 pm EST