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Buy or Sell kids toys, clothes, books, crafts, accessories, shoes and any kids products online.
 We welcome our privileged customers to the home of latest, fashionable and trendy kidswear, toys and accessories. Toyzor is relentlessly striving hard to be the top quality baby toys, outfits and accessories online retail store in today’s world. It has made its top position in the online market by providing a differentiated shopping experience through its variety of exotic brands.

As moms, there is nothing we love more than shopping for our sweetest kids. From little outfits and apparels to simple suits, from funny and educational books to fairy tales story books, every piece makes us go ‘aww.’

Unfortunately, these chic, pretty and cute products become too small too fast. Or, kids grow up to use new books and the ‘old’ books become useless. But just because your little one has outgrown his/her cloth does not mean it has to go to waste. And you also don’t need to throw your kids precious books. By consigning, you are able to give his/her wardrobe a second life or buy some new books for your growing little one and earn back some of the cash you spent on it.

So, if your kid’s closet is looking a little messy, you might feel the need to get rid of the extra stuff. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to clean your kid’s closet, but also earn some extra money? Fortunately, Toyzor offers you the luxury to sell your pre-owned products.

It is the right time to turn those ideas into treasure! Yes it is the real time! Toyzor is committed in making the experience of selling the pre owned kid’s clothes, toys, books and accessories interesting, amusing, thrilling, inspiring and fun. Our prime aim is to develop an online platform where sellers can sell used kid’s products online in a hassle-free way and earn easy money. Undoubtedly, selling your pre-owned products has never been easy but with Toyzor.



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