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 We welcome our privileged customers to the home of latest, fashionable and trendy kidswear, toys and accessories. Toyzor is relentlessly striving hard to be the top quality baby toys, outfits and accessories online retail store in today’s world. It has made its top position in the online market by providing a differentiated shopping experience through its variety of exotic brands.


We are parents. We are dads and moms who know what it feels to have too many things to do and we have too little time in which we do them. Like you, Toyzor want the best for your children (and your wallets) without having to wade through mediocrity or traffic. We want your convenient access to top brands we know and we also try to discover great ones we don’t. That is why we started Toyzor: to offer the best quality products for your children from fine brands at affordable prices. We want to make shopping easy, convenient, thrilling, exciting and fun for you and your kids.



Toyzor is an online market place not only for the buyers but for sellers, too. Yes, you can now sell your products on Toyzor. We warmly welcome all the small and large brands, designers, and even moms to sell their products. It’s the only online marketplace that provide the luxury of selling and buying all the kid’s designer products from various designers. Limitless online market with millions of potential clients is waiting for you. So don’t be late?

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If you are designer and would like to sell your products, we are just a call / mail away. Have your products listed and sky is the limit!

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It is never too early to introduce the little kids to the latest and the best in designer kidswear. Come and shop our collection of baby outfits and children’s' accessories for fashion forward children or you can also surprise new moms with an excuse to unwind and indulge. If you are in doubt, Toyzor littlest print shirts and apparels will make them the talk of the parties and the playground.

We offer all the kid’s items for all occasions ranging from smart to special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, or christenings from all talented designers. We have a wide range of styles including sportswear to traditional pieces and cartoon or super hero inspired items.

Toyzor is not a traditional online store. We are your one-stop style shop to keep your kids one step ahead of the high street and their friends. We now feature kid’s books collections for fun and educational purposes, too, we hand select the latest styles and the best products for your kids.


Keep your kids thrilled, excited, entertained and engaged with these stylish, modern and interesting toys that inspire a love of fun and learning simultaneously. It is like a fun and amusement for both you and your kids. These toys will help you grow the upcoming generation of sharp and smart brains and also make joyful gifts. From babies through teens, children can expand their brains and their universe with these useful and entertaining toys.

All in all, combinational and cheery kids fashion, ingenious kid’s fashion from basic to trendy, toys that help your kid's development in line with their age, fun with healthy activities or exploring nature, practical and useful products for everyday family life, the latest style that develops with its wearer, creative ideas for creative kids,... The Toyzor online shop offer all the products parents and kids could wish for!

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Every purchase that is made in Toyzor will donate 10% to pediatric cancer treatment. 



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