Cat Litter Mat Pad Eva Double-layer Foldable Waterproof



Color: Black GREY BROWN
Material: EVA + Cloth


S: 40x 50 CM 

M: 46x 60 CM

L: 70x 55 CM

Package Content:1 x Pad

  • Large and deep holes trap litter from box and cat paws, saving your unnecessary cleaning time.
  • Waterproof base layer keeps urine off the floor - For Really Messy Cats be sure to use Puppy Pads as they soak excessive urine - avoid urine around nylon mesh located on the perimeter of the mat. This outside nylon border may absorb urine if excessive.
  • Made of light weight, durable and Eco-friendly EVA foam rubber
  • Easy to clean: simply pour out litter or dump it back into litter box (saves money) , then rinse and replace