Pop Up Party Tent Mesh Mosquito Net Patio (Tan)

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- Elegant and functional mesh wall design
- Durable polyethylene material roof
- Full 10' x 10' straight leg design
- High quality, rust-resistant steel framework
- Easy to pop up and close down for outdoor activities
- Walls attach with hook and loop fasteners for easily assembly/removal


Wasting away in the summer heat? Our new 10' x 10' mesh wall pop up tent is perfect for anyone who wants to have the open air feel but does not want to deal with bugs all day long. Perfect for any occasion including family gatherings, picnics, weddings, or flea markets, this tent provides a place to relax away from the sun’s harmful UV rays while remaining protected from pesky insects. This easy pop-up canopy features a rust-resistant steel frame with an easy pop-up design so you can have your tent set in a matter of minutes. Elegant mesh walls attach to the frame with simple hook and loop fasteners and can be removed when needed. This feature pack pop up tent has all the style and versatility you are searching for.

NOTE: This tent is meant for sun shade purposes only and should NEVER be left up in windy, rainy, or snowy conditions. Please collapse your tent when the weather is windy. We do not recommend leaving your tent erect overnight or for multiple days.

-Outer dimensions: 116" x 116"
-Low point of side wall at highest total height setting: 70 1/4"
-Highest interior point: 100"
-Three height settings at 3 1/4" intervals

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