Outdoor Sprinkler Inflatable Summer Fun Pool

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Outdoor Sprinkler Inflatable Summer Fun Pool 68’’ Splash Pad Play Mat

✦【2020 Newest Unique Design】Unlike ordinary splash pad, which use ocean design, Toy sprinkler pad use the universe space theme that teenagers love, bringing a different experience for children in summer, as if playing and traveling in space.
✦【68'' Square Splash Pad】Bigger than normal round play mat, upgraded splash pad toy has a large diameter of 68’’, gives toddlers baby kids children more space to play and enjoy the fun of sprinkling water from the small kiddie pool.
✦【Safety & Eco- Friendly Material】Adopt non-slip design to prevent children from falling in the water pool. No worry of the parents when child playing. Sprinkler pad is also made of durable, soft thicker PVC, The material is environmentally certified, BPA and phthalates free, Non-toxic, harmless and odorless, more safety for children toddlers. Just enjoy the fun in the cool pool.
✦【Cool Popular Outdoor Toy】The Splash pad is best toy to create a previous memories with your family in this summer. This cool water mat can bring the happiness to children and pets, also can release the pressure of the adults, so Come On to get it, give you family of a wonderful summer.
✦【How to Use & Store】Just plug Sprinkle to a garden hose or PVC tubing , then adjust water pressure to water spray height by yourself. After use, take off the plug and drain the water for use next time. The splash play mat could be folded small size(like a book) for easy storage and portable. Don't forget to place small waterproof ring into hose connection to avoid water leakage.

Toy Splash Water Pad, Universe Space Theme design, bring a wonderful different experience for your family.

68‘’ Splash Pad
The bigger mat bring endless hours of fun to children, it give more space to enjoy the sprinkling water from small pool. Bring you summer fun backyard water activities. A great summer backyard water toys!

Educational Inflatable Sprinkler Mat

It develops hand-eye coordination and great for baby's brain development. With the aim of making learning easy and fun, the colors and patterns stimulate their brain to be creative while splashing.

Best Toy for Baby, Teen, Child

It made of safety durable PVC material, suitable for all the child and pet. Please rest assured to use, it will the best gift to bring your children a different unforgettable memory in this summer.

How to adjust the spray direction to the inside?
Please lay the splash pad on a flat lawn or ground, then adjust the edge of the water spray by hand, flip it inward to spray water inward.

Using tips for the water toys for kids

1. When using, it will be better to add a base cloth under the inflatable product to prevent the object from being pierced. Do not approach sharp things, like: thorny plants or sharp stones, blades.
2. Keep it away from flames or hot objects.
3. Do not expose the splash mat in sunlight for a long time, ultraviolet rays will slowly damage the surface material.
4. Do not use it as a lifesaving float.
5. When the pet playing on it, please check the nails of the pets, it's best to clip the nails.
6.Do not install the pad over concrete, asphalt or any other hard surface.

Packaged Include
1* Splash Pad
1* Connector
1* Waterproof Ring
1*Water Inlet