8Ft 9Ft 10Ft Outdoor Patio Umbrella Market Table Yard Garden w/ Crank Tilt Shade

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This canopy is made of 160g sun/waterproof polyester fiber and dealt by total iron spray to resist rusts. When you have exposed your body to strong sunlight, it will protect you from the harm. At the same time, it is a perfect choice when there is the time that rain spotting and you still want to enjoy outdoor scenery and cool breeze. You can also easily open it without striking a blowing, the umbrella can tilt to desired angles of shading.


- High UV protection

- Various colors to choose brings you colorful mood

- Heavy duty rob and ribs can effectively the power of wind

- Good quality to resist rusts for long time stocking

- Durable and easy to be clean up

- Easy to fold or open


Color: Red /Tan/ Green/ Blue

Umbrella Diameter:8.2FT /9FT /10FT

Rib length: 0.47” X 0.71”

Rob length:1.5”/1.5”

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