24K Gold Facial Mask

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Strong Blackhead Remover gold Mask: contains gold, removes blackhead & impurities out of your pores deepcleansing peel off mask: pore cleanser, leaving you a soften and clean faceEasy to use gold face mask: shake well before use, open your pores with a hot towel, apply medium coating to cover your blackhead spots & wait till it’s not shiny. Peel it off slowly.Essential Moisture after peeling off mask: Rinse it off & smear moisture essence to shrink pores.


  • Gold Collagen helps unclog pores, control oil, and reduce wrinkles. Natural gelling agents adhere tightly to your skin to help remove blackheads, acne and facial dirt like a suction cups.
  • With rich treatment, the mask can absorb the extra oil and dirt from inside the skin, so as to shrink pores and strengthen skin leading to an increased skin vitality


Precautions for use:


1. Avoid lip, eyes, eyebrow, facial hair and wound areas. 

2. The blackhead treatment gold mask could be rinsed off immediately if you smear to the place you don't want

3.  It's suitable for all kinds of skin except sensitive skin. Please do an allergy test before using on your face.

4.  If there is any discomfort after use, please stop using and consult a doctor promptly if needed

5.  A little discomfort is normal when peeling off. 



1.  For external use only. The collagen mask is NOT edible. Keep it beyond children's and infant's reach.

2. The coating should be medium thickness. Too thin will lead to ineffectiveness of peeling-off. Too thick, it takes forever to dry. Please try a few times to find suitable thickness for yourselves. 


3. Please keep the anti-aging gold mask in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature

4. avoid direct contact with the infant and children.