Rose Gold Ornate Frame Large Full Length Floor Mirror Leaning Wall Lounge

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Stunning, ornate, rose gold mosaic style mirror
Modern design that creates an illusion of wider space
Use as a floor leaner mirror for the living room, bedroom, hallway, or bathroom
Can also be wall mounted and hung either vertically or horizontally
The back is covered by craft paper to prevent dust accumulation
Hanging brackets attached to the rear of the mirror
61.25" H x 31.25" W


Stunning, mosaic style full-length mirror will add a modern touch to your decor
This beautiful mirror creates a warm atmosphere in whichever room you choose to place it
Looks amazing in a bathroom or dressing room too
Or place 2 side by side for maximum effect
Perfect to be used as a floor leaner mirror or wall mounted mirror for the living room, bedroom, hallway, or bathroom
With the look and style of a mosaic mirror at a fraction of the price
Beautifully finished in rose gold
Large Full-Length Floor Mirror Leaning Wall

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