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How do you pick clothing for your daughter? There are so many outfits! If your daughter is anything like mine you would understand the frustration of getting dressed! Being able to get dressed and out the door quickly is short of a miracle.

Dresses have saved our morning lives! Having many choices of dresses that she can pick from and then slip over her head and then we are out the door has made the mornings much easier. I have found that she loves to wear longer dresses during the school day and on the weekend, she likes to wear pants. Being a fashionable mom, I wanted my daughter to wear some couture outfits, but I did not want to spend a large amount of money on these outfits as she was going too fast.

How do you find couture outfits for toddler girls? I am a habitual online shopper and I buy everything online. I decided that I needed to find a shop online that had outfits at a decent price.

When searching for clothes on a budget, I found Toyzor. They have exactly what I was looking for. I was set. I was able to pick out different skirts, shirts, coats, jumpsuits, etc. Not only are they adorable but I did not have to take my daughter to the store and try them on! Win, win for mama!

Here are the top 5 I found:

  1. Savannah Maxi Skirt

toddler clothes

  1. Lace Cardigan

toddler clothes



  1. Velour Suspenders Jumpsuits


toddler clothes


  1. Big Bow Dress

toddler clothes


  1. Pull-Over Poncho

toddler clothes


There are so many more choices to choose from and they are at a low cost too. We are always looking for clothes on a budget for my daughter because she is growing so fast. This was the perfect place for me to shop. I was kind of hoping they had a mommy and me to go with these adorable outfits!


PR Releases : the one stop destination for kid’s items launches the adorable ‘Mommy and Me’ collection, the popular marketplace for kids has announced the launch of their ‘Mommy and Me’ collection that features beautiful coordinated clothing for mother and daughter. The customers can find a wide variety of dresses, T-shirts, and Tops for mother and daughter in matching styles. The online store known for its huge collection of toys, clothes, crafts, and accessories for kids has brought much delight to the customers with their latest collection. From blue metallic dress to chocolate brown shift dress and from lavender skater dress to high low hem casual T-shirts, the customers have a lot of options to choose from. offers Kids clothing and other products from top brands and top sellers of United States at the most affordable prices. It’s also a major platform to buy and sell all kinds of kids related products such as children’s apparel, toys, headbands, boys outfits, kids boutique outfits and more. The online store also provides regular offers and discounts on various products such as the latest one where the customers can find a collection of kids outfits under $10. It is committed to offering the trendiest collection of kids clothing and accessories at the most competitive prices.

Over the years, Toyzor has gained quite some popularity among the customers owing to the fact that it makes it easier for the parents to buy affordable clothing, toys, and accessories and get it delivered right to their doorstep. It saves much time and effort otherwise put on going to a shop then purchasing the products. In addition, the online store offers only the best quality kids clothing and other products from fine brands. It strives to make the shopping experience smooth, easier, convenient and exciting for the parents. is the ultimate platform to buy children’s apparel, kids boutique outfits, and other products for the fashion-forward kids. All the products are designed and curated such that they are sure to make heads turn at parties and playgrounds. The customers can find kid’s items based on occasions such as birthday, weddings, christenings etc. from talented designers.

They can also look for sportswear style, traditional dresses, superhero-inspired clothing, cartoon clothing/accessories and more. Unlike the traditional online stores for kids, Toyzor carefully curates all the products that stand at par with the latest styles and trends. It has recently introduced the collection of books, crafts and school supplies to serve both educational and fun purposes.

Toyzor also welcomes sellers including small and large brands, designers and even moms to sell their products through the platform. It provides them the luxury of selling their products along with top designers and brands on a platform with millions of potential clients.

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